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Gerald Gardner and the Cauldron of Inspiration

An Investigation into the Sources of Gardnerian Witchcraft

From the author of the highly acclaimed “Wiccan Roots”, this book tells the story of how retired civil servant, Gerald Gardner (1884-1964) discovered a witch coven in the New Forest in the late 1930s. It contains much genuinely new material in its attempt to chronicle the origins of the modern witchcraft revival.

It tells of newly-discovered members of the coven who practised herbal magic, including the author of girls’ school stories crammed full of pagan imagery, and the true matriarch of the coven – a ritual magician whose sword is still used in witch rituals.

The crucial and intimate role played by Gardner’s first High Priestess, Edith Woodford-Grimes (Dafo) is revealed.

The tale is unearthed of how Gardner’s enthusiasm for naturism (nudism) brought him into contact with such influential figures in the occult world as Harry ‘Dion’ Byngham, Ross Nichols, Cottie Burland and Dion Fortune.

Gardner’s discovery and re-erection of the half-timbered witch’s cottage is recounted, and how he became an ordained minister of the Ancient British Church in the process.

For the first time, the true story is revealed of Gardner’s friendship with one of the most controversial magical figures of the last century, Aleister Crowley.

There is a full account of the setting up of the world’s first Museum of Magic and Witchcraft, including Gardner’s co-operation and subsequent split with Cecil Williamson, film producer and wartime intelligence officer.

The sources from which the secret Book of Shadows was compiled are identified, including an older core of material.

The author’s frank conclusion suggests how the original coven in the New Forest may actually have started less than 80 years ago.

As well as being a major step forward in chronicling the history of modern witchcraft, this book provides a fascinating insight for all who would like to learn more about the origins of what Professor Ronald Hutton has described as “the only religion that England has ever given the world”.

 (Published by Capall Bann Publishing, Auton Farm, Milverton, Somerset TA4 1NE 2003)

Over 100,000 words and 50 illustrations

ISBN 186163 1642 Price £16.95  423pp.



Wiccan Roots

Gerald Gardner and the Modern Witchcraft Revival

This book reveals a remarkable picture of the revival of witchcraft in England during the 1930s and 40s.

Through years of research, the author has pieced together the story of how retired civil servant, Gerald Gardner, became involved in the worlds of naturism and folklore, which led him to discover a strange theatre run by an esoteric magical group known as the Crotona Fellowship.

Here he made contact with a family of hereditary witches, whom the author has been able to identify, whose lineage dates back to Napoleonic times.

The personalities of two key figures in the story, ‘Old Dorothy’ Clutterbuck, in whose house Gardner was initiated, and Dafo, his High Priestess, are brought to life, and photographs of them appear for the first time. Whatever the truth about Dorothy’s involvement with witchcraft, extracts from her diaries, never before made public, reveal her as a pagan at heart.

New light is shed on the momentous ritual the witches carried out in 1940 when invasion threatened, including the probable identity of those who gave their lives in the cause.

Few witches, pagans or other students of modern religious movements will fail to be fascinated by the carefully researched revelations in this important book.

(Published by Capall Bann Publishing, Auton Farm, Milverton, Somerset TA4 1NE 2000)

Over 90,000 words and 54 illustrations

ISBN 186163 110 3 Price £14.95  338pp.


Leylines – A Beginner’s Guide

Would you like to make a real contribution to understanding our mystical relationship with the landscape?

This down-to-earth guide provides clues to those mysterious features known as leylines which cross the land in many parts of the world. It sets out the theories about their origins and gives a practical step-by-step approach to finding them. It also reveals their mystical side – a hidden nature of energy and spirit which acts as a gateway to the realm of faery – the Otherworld of mythology – and to shamanic visions.

This book takes you on a genuine voyage of exploration – from the hidden corners of the land to the experience of the energy field of the Living Earth.

(Published by Hodder and Stoughton, 338 Euston Road, LONDON NW1 3BH 1999)

ISBN 0 340 74316 6 Price £6.99  90pp.


Magical Guardians

Exploring the Nature and Spirit of Trees

This is a book about trees, but a book with a difference, for it acknowledges trees to be wise beings who can teach us much if we approach them in the right way. This book shows how to go about it, revealing the origins of our awakening interest in – and love for – trees.

Trees have a spiritual nature, and opening up to this spirit has been a constant feature in human society. Through practical guidance, this book gives hints on how we can make that contact for ourselves.

The personalities of the ancient trees – our Magical Guardians – are explored, and the book reveals how we can start to acquire some of their deeper meanings.

(Published by Capall Bann Publishing, Auton Farm, Milverton, Somerset TA4 1NE 1998)

ISBN 186163 057 3 Price £11.95  262pp.


Mirrors of Magic

Evoking the Spirit of the Dewponds

The image of the pond lies deep within our psyche. The abundant legend and folklore which surrounds ponds and pools, interpreted rightly, reveals the relationship which country people still had with the spirit of the landscape within living memory. This book shows that these “mirrors of magic” are locations where consciousness can be changed to experience the earth spirit and to perform acts of divination and magic. It also explores the powerful and recurring image of the Moon reflected in the still water of the pool and reveals how this has traditionally been used in magical ritual.

(Published by Capall Bann Publishing, Auton Farm, Milverton, Somerset TA4 1NE 1997)

ISBN 1 898307 84 9 Price £9.95  158pp.


Newland Avenue School


Newland Avenue Primary School is a familiar landmark for those who live, work and shop in the Newland Avenue area of Hull.

First published to help celebrate the school’s centenary in 1996, this new edition of its history is being brought out to mark the closure of the school in July 2006 after 110 years of service to the local community.

Taken largely from the recollections of former pupils and teachers, as well as official records, it is a moving account of the school’s survival through two world wars and the changes it has experienced.

The book includes a picture of the present life of the school and, as the author says in his introduction, it will act as an epitaph.

(Published by Newland Avenue Primary School 2006)

ISBN 0 9528840 1 1  84pp.

[out of print]


Earth Mysteries

(Element Library Series)

A Beautiful Exploration of the Unseen Mysteries of the World Around Us

The role of earth energy

Dowsing and geomancy

Ritual routes and sacred sites

Holy wells, labyrinths, stone circles

Poetic geography

As more and more of us recognise the importance of our planet’s ancient rhythms, Earth Mysteries is beginning to take its proper place in our spiritual quest. This beautifully illustrated book takes us on a fascinating journey of discovery to explore the unseen energies of our mysterious planet.

(Published by Element Books, Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7 8BP 1995)

ISBN 1-85230-714-5 Price £9.99  112pp.


Secret Places of the Goddess

This book is a practical and evocative encouragement to seek the Earth Spirit in those special places where it dwells, embracing a wide definition of Paganism to include all those inner yearnings towards a closer contact with the land. It will appeal to all who are drawn to visit such natural and archetypal locations in the landscape as tree groves, sacred springs, special rock outcrops, the seashore and the Wild Wood. All these are Secret Places of the Goddess.

The author shows why certain locations have been considered numinous and magical and how we can each go about finding these special places in the landscape. He provides a vision of the variety of ways in which we might respond to the spirit present at such sites and thereby enter into a closer relationship with the Old Ones.

(Published by Capall Bann Publishing, Auton Farm, Milverton, Somerset TA4 1NE 1995)

ISBN 1 898307 40 7 Price £10.95  207pp


The Elements of Earth Mysteries

The term Earth Mysteries covers a wide range of topics including: the use of both analytical and intuitive methods to investigate the existence of energy running through the earth; leys, dowsing, folklore and visiting ancient sites. The book explains:

The role of earth energy and how we can perceive it

How the folklore and legends attached to the ancient sites can be interpreted

The purpose of structures such as stone circles, underground “burial chambers”, holy wells and labyrinths

How we can approach these sites in the best way

(Published by Element Books, Shaftesbury, Dorset, SP7 8BP 1991)

ISBN 1-85230-228-3 Price £5.99  139pp.


Tony Wedd

New Age Pioneer

Tony Wedd (1919-1980) is best remembered for his intuitive linking of UFO sightings with ancient landmarks.

But his life story reveals many other sides to this strangely archetypal figure, who was an artist, designer, RAF pilot, teacher, psychic and writer, expounding a distinctive philosophy encompassing both the radical and the mystical.

He founded the STAR Fellowship to welcome and publicise contacts with flying saucers, which led him to construct mysterious ‘free energy’ devices like the Wenceslas Boots and the Cosmic Coffee Pot.

His pioneering work on leys, earth energies, Stonehenge and the Glastonbury Zodiac, and his later years as a youth hostel warden in Australia are fully chronicled.

Few who are interested in the background to the New Age and Alternative movements will fail to be fascinated by the life of Tony Wedd.

(Published by Northern Earth Mysteries1986)

ISBN 0 948635 01 0   148pp.

[Out of Print]


Skyways and Landmarks Revisited

A re-evaluation of Tony Wedd’s work on leys and flying saucers

(with Jimmy Goddard and Paul Baines)

Tony Wedd (1919-1980) is best remembered as the author of a small booklet entitled “Skyways and Landmarks”, published in 1961. It was the first time that a postulated link between the phenomena of flying saucers and the alignments in the landscape known as “leys” has appeared in print.

“Skyways and Landmarks Revisited” includes the complete original text of that seminal work, together with a historical perspective, with material not hitherto published, the results of a new survey of the tree clumps referred to in “Skyways and Landmarks”, computer analysis of which verifies the high accuracy of the main alignments, and new ideas are put forward on the significance of tree clumps, including speculation on energies, essential oils, sound and formative fields.

Published 1985 44pp.

[out of print]


Earth Mysteries

An Exploratory Introduction

(with Brian Larkman)

Leys, Archaeo-astronomy, Folklore, Earth Energies, Dowsing, Psychometry, Paganism, Cup-and-ring marks, Mazes, Sacred Geometry and Terrestrial Zodiacs are just some of the topics covered in this review of the whole Earth Mysteries field. There is also a Glossary of terms used and a guide to further reading.

As well as giving a good grounding for newcomers to the subject, this work should also prove of interest to those more versed in Earth Mysteries, providing several thought-stimulating concepts.

Published 1985 36pp by Northern Earth Mysteries Group

[out of print]

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